When buying a new home, there are a number of steps you must take to ensure full value for money. You must review the area to look at the amenities. You must speak with your lender to determine your budget and total costs. But perhaps most important is finding a property in the optimal, move-in ready condition. Taking on the home inspection process expertly can help safeguard your investment and help to limit your home maintenance in the coming years. And so, in this latest post, our Dundalk, MD team highlights their guide to expert home inspections.

Check the Insulation

Look to see what type of condition the insulation is in. Are there cracks or gaps that could allow air through? This could prevent you from achieving a return on investment in a furnace or air conditioning system. Any gaps in your insulation will reduce your energy efficiency after purchase. Make sure the insulation is updated, and any maintenance issues are resolved before you move in.

Flick the Switches

Do you know what each of the switches in the home does? Make sure these switches work to optimum performance during the home inspection process. Ask the homeowner to flick the switch for you to show you how each system can be used in the home. This is particularly important when it comes to the performance of more expensive equipment such as air conditioning units, but it’s also important to test as many switches possible. One non-working switch could indicate a problem with the home electric systems.

Complete a Professional Home Inspection

It’s worth the time to work with a professional home inspector when you’re investing hundreds of thousands of dollars or more into a home. Make sure you contact a local specialist who knows the area and then have them run through the entire property to determine its structural value. The home inspector should be able to provide you with full documentation on the home’s foundation, HVAC system, electricity set-up, roofing and other areas. They can then help you to decide whether the home is the right investment for you and your family. Take your time during the home review process. If you don’t work with professional inspectors, you may find you end up spending thousands of dollars more on maintenance and repair work in the future. It’s an important element of starting life in your new home in the right way.