The technology behind HVAC systems continues to develop, but the most impressive area has been with green technology. There have been several new developments with green energy. The following are among the most significant examples of this. Some of them you may even want to implement in your Dundalk home.

Higher energy efficiency

Air conditioning systems are now designed to put out as much cold as they have done in the past, but they are doing so by using less electricity. In addition, many of these systems now integrate solar panels, so part of the power used to run the system is coming from the sun. This further reduces the amount of electricity being used.

HVAC systems have become smarter, too. Thermostats located in separate rooms and areas of a building track the optimum temperatures for those rooms. Cold air is then delivered only to those rooms that need the air. The result is lower energy use without sacrificing comfort or air conditioning requirements for inventory.

Computer analysis of energy requirements

Instead of guessing at which HVAC system is needed for a building, software is now available to analyze the needs of each room in a building. The proper air conditioning system for a particular building can then be installed.

Systems that are too small can use up a lot of energy simply because they are being asked to do more than they are designed to do. In other words, they are always on.

A system that is too large may not operate as often, but when it does, it consumes a lot of current, and this means high energy usage for your Dundalk home or building. Installing the right system from the beginning will save energy.

Improved insulation

Not all new HVAC technology directly relates to the efficiency of the refrigeration systems. There has been a lot of effort to create a green duct wrap. Although this type of insulation wrapping is standard for all systems, the material used and the techniques to manufacture it are not environmentally friendly.

Now, there has been a new development in duct wrapping with the use of recycled materials. One example is the use of denim that was previously sent to the dump. Now, it is being used to make duct wrapping. This saves space at the landfill and saves natural resources at the same time.

We can analyze your home or commercial building to determine how you can save money on your energy bill and do so while contributing to the environment. For those living in Dundalk, MD, you can call Reliability Home at (443) 399-8663 for quality solutions.