As the temperatures continue to go up and the dew point goes even higher, keeping your house comfortable and cool is your top priority.

Yet, keeping comfortable should not have to break the bank. Here are 5 unexpected ways to save on cooling costs.

Energy Savings

Sign up for an energy efficient plan with your energy provider. Many providers offer reduced rates for customers that are willing to allow the provider to cycle you air on and off in intervals from every ten minutes to every half hour, during peak hours. This provides some savings on your monthly bill.

Would you rather, instead, control the temp of the air? Then install a programable thermometer to save energy, as well as save money on your AC bills. Setting up a timer to use your AC efficiently, when you are away from home, will save your money by not wasting cold air on an empty house.

When Repairing Your AC Saves You Money

Check out your thermometer. If there is not a leak or unusual noise, and cold air is blowing from the vents, the thermometer may be faulty or set incorrectly. A bonus tip is once your thermometer is working again, set it a few degrees warmer than you normally would set it and see instant savings.

Always call a professional to check your AC unit if you notice that your bill is exceptionally high for the amount of use. Compare your bills from the previous year and track how often you use the AC.

If the amount is significantly higher than normal, this is a good indication that this unit needs to be further examined by a professional.

For example, a broken condenser fan can not efficiently eject heat, causing your bills to go way up. A professional can replace a broken condenser fan, thus making your AC run more efficiently and saving your money.

Go Old School

When you are thinking old school, think of how people cooled their home 50 years ago. Ceiling and floor fans, combined with the AC can lower room temperature 3 to 8 degrees cooler.

Using the grill, or making a cold lunch will keep your kitchen from getting warm, as will unplugging any electronic equipment. Even shutting the drapes will also keep rooms cooler. Once you get started, you can find many small solutions that will add up to big savings.

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