Providing fresh air by maintaining air quality for the people and pets who live in your home is extremely important to their health and overall well being. When dust mites, pet dander, and mold spores are filtered out of the air through your system, toxic buildup can occur over time. This means you should keep up on general maintenance for your HVAC system, so your system filters out as much dust and toxins as possible.

Air Quality Benefits To Keeping Clean Floors

Keeping a home with clean floors can greatly reduce the number of airborne toxins the people and pets in your home are exposed to. The usual suspects of dander, dust mites and dirt are easily trapped in carpets and have a tendency to whirl around on hard surfaces.

Pollutants like lead, pesticides, and mold, can also get trapped, as well as toxins from petroleum-based synthetic fragrance in household cleaning products, detergents, dryer sheets, and air fresheners. These indoor toxins can cause allergies and tiredness, often being confused for seasonal allergies.

It’s important to vacuum with a HEPA filter vacuum regularly, followed by mopping hard surfaces with a microfiber mop. Reducing your exposure to synthetic toxins can also cut down your risk. Instead of the popular petroleum-based fragrance products, choose unscented or naturally-scented products. That pine, lemon, or lavender scent might “smell like clean” to you, but it also might be making you sick.

Open Windows & Doors For Better Airflow

A great way to encourage airflow in your home for better ventilation is to open windows or doors. Homes today are created as air-tight as possible in order to conserve energy. This simple method will allow fresh air to flow in and stagnant polluted air to flow out. Proper ventilation also allows you to control the moisture in your home, which cuts back on any mold growth and allows any moisture in the wood to dry out.

Another option for better home ventilation is having a small trickle vent or exhaust fan installed. Both of these options can allow fresh natural air to flow inside your home with ease. You can also work toward cleaning the air by getting a dehumidifier. This will remove extra moisture from the air, which cuts back on mold spores from forming. Clean air has many benefits that can impact your entire family as well.

Find The Source If You Still Aren’t Feeling Well

After addressing all of the above, if you still aren’t feeling well or are having air quality problems, then it’s time to inspect your HVAC system to find the source. Getting to the root cause can not only clear up your air quality issue, but it can save you money in the long run on both your electric bill and any potential HVAC system issues. There are a few things that can be addressed, starting with checking your air filter. The air filter is a cardboard frame filled with a pleated cloth or spun fiberglass, which catches airborne toxins and dust as the air is recirculated through your home. To check if your filter needs to be changed, hold it up to a light source. If you can’t see light through the cloth or fiberglass portion, then it’s time for the filter to be changed.

If after a filter change, you’re still struggling, it’s time for a professional to address your ducts and the HVAC system itself. Over time your ducts collect toxins and grime that can be recirculated through your home if they aren’t thoroughly cleaned every 3-5 years. Improper HVAC maintenance also can cause system damage, that can drive up your electric bill due to the fans having to work harder to do their job. It’s best to have a professional address any issues to prevent damage to the system itself.

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