Save Money by Maintaining an Air Conditioner

One: Air in a Building Has a Foul Odor

A sign of an inefficient air conditioner is when the air circulating in a home has a foul odor.

This is an indication that the filter is filled with debris such as household dust that prevents proper airflow. Get in the habit of changing air filters once a month.

Two: An Air Conditioner Makes a Loud Noise

When homeowners turn on an air conditioner, it should make a slight humming noise. An air conditioner operating inefficiently makes a loud noise that indicates something is broken inside its interior components. When components are worn, an air conditioner must work harder, leading to an increased electric bill.

Three: Receiving Huge Electric Bills

A homeowner should keep track of their electric bills to notice when there is a significance difference. Electric bills for air-conditioning costs should remain about the same as a previous year’s bill. Request an inspection from a professional company when utility bills are high.

Help an Air Conditioner Have a Longer Life Span

Four: Poor Airflow from Central Air-Conditioning’s Ductwork

As a homeowner places a hand over an air conditioner’s vent in each room in a home, they should feel cool air. If there are rooms where air is not flowing, then it is possible there is a blockage of debris that makes an air conditioner inefficient.

Five: Exterior of Air Conditioner is Dirty

The exterior of an air conditioner requires cleaning with a dry cloth to prevent a buildup of dust and spider webs. Make sure that household items are not stored around the air conditioner, preventing air circulation.

There are Good Reasons to Call a Professional Technician.

Six: There are Hot Spots in a Building

When a homeowner is experiencing hot spots in a building, the air conditioner has a problem with its mechanisms that requires a professional repair team.

Only professional technicians have an understanding of an air conditioner’s schematics in order to understand where all of the wires and components are located.

Seven: An Air Conditioner Keeps Turning Off

An air conditioner that turns off while a building is still hot may have something wrong with its thermostat, blower or other mechanisms that require analysis to determine the problem.

A professional technician has the tools and equipment to make an efficient repair to an air conditioner.

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