The fall season brings with it a chill in the air. For Dundalk homeowners, this is the best time to take inventory of home ventilation.

There are three ways to improve home ventilation for the fall season. These include:

  • Professional inspection of the home ventilation system
  • Cleaning chimneys and other vent outlets
  • Replacing old heating/cooling filters
  • Professional Inspection of the Home Ventilation System

The major reason for dysfunctional or inadequate ventilation in a Dundalk home is usually due to lack of maintenance. Every HVAC system is manufactured to operate at a particular efficiency.

When these systems don’t, it is usually due to lack of regular maintenance. Consider the volume of use a HVAC system receives from the moment the heating system is in operation to central air conditioning that relies on the HVAC system blower and duct work.

From one season to the next, the venting system is continuously working to provide heated or cooled air. Homeowners need to schedule bi-annual inspections of their home ventilation systems, once in late spring and again in early fall. This will insure the ventilation system is operating at optimal efficiency levels.

Clean Chimneys and Other Outlet Vents

Depending on the size of a home, a lot of residue and dust enters a home and builds up inside chimneys and other vent outlets. These should also be professionally cleaned and maintained annually.

Home ventilation should circulate freely and without obstruction in order to provide clean, healthy indoor air quality.

Replace Old Heating/Cooling Filters

Another way to improve home ventilation for the fall season is to replace old heating/cooling filters. In forced air furnaces, replacing filters is extremely important to keep the heating/cooling system operating properly.

If there is a question about changing out filters, consult with your HVAC professional regarding the correct type of filter and filter size to meet manufacturer’s specifications. Replacing these filters will avoid the problem of stale odors when the heating system is turned on for the first time.

Home Ventilation Improvements and Your HVAC Expert

There’s no doubt that the best resource for home ventilation systems is your HVAC expert. The cost for regular ventilation system maintenance is reasonable.

Regular maintenance in the fall season prevents more costly repairs if the system’s efficiency is compromised. Follow the three ways to improve home ventilation to insure convenience and comfort for the colder temperatures ahead.

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