In the spring, your heat pump deserves some attention. Unfortunately, most Dundalk homeowners overlook this detail and end up with trouble. Learn more about the importance of heat pump maintenance and find out how we can help. 

Why Does Heat Pump Maintenance Matter?

Your heat pump works hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, regardless of the season. In cold and hot weather alike, your heat pump is an essential piece of equipment. It takes on a great deal of wear and tear, and this is one of the reasons maintenance is so crucial.  In the spring, maintenance is particularly important. This is because your HVAC system will undergo months of constant use in the summer. The high temperatures mean your AC will be in overdrive, working hard to cool your home. If you don’t take measures to keep your heat pump working well, it may not make it through the summer. All of the following are specific benefits of maintaining your heat pump in the spring:

Improve Energy Efficiency 

One of the reasons you should perform routine maintenance on your heat pump is its energy efficiency. By inspecting your HVAC system and going through a checklist, your technician ensures your system works the way it should. Maintenance comes with savings on your energy bills. Why spend more than you should to heat or cool your home?

Lower Your Repair Costs

When you take care of your heat pump, you get more than just savings on your energy bills. You also get savings on your repairs. If you do have an issue with your heat pump, the cost is likely to be low. You can compare this to your dental care. If you don’t see a dentist for five years, you could go in for an appointment and be told you need a root canal that costs thousands of dollars. But, if you go in for an annual exam, your dentist might spot a cavity early on. They can fix the cavity for a low cost and prevent you from ever needing a root canal. 

Prevent Discomfort 

 If you don’t have an air conditioner on a hot summer day, you won’t be comfortable. The sweltering heat is enough to cause problems like heat stroke. At the very least, it’s uncomfortable. Because there’s such a high demand for AC repair in the summer, a broken air conditioner could leave you sweating for days.  With maintenance, your heat pump endures through the summer. It keeps you cool when there seems to be no reprieve from the heat.

Increased Lifespan. 

Whether your heat pump is one year old or nine years old, it has a certain lifespan. Maintenance increases that lifespan and makes your system more likely to withstand the use.  A heat pump can last anywhere from ten to 20 years. But that number varies based upon how frequently you use it, the type of system, and the ease of installation. You may be able to get a few extra years out of your heat pump by performing regular maintenance. 

Examples of Heat Pump Maintenance 

What exactly is the maintenance you can do on your heat pump? On your own, there’s only so much you can do. You should consider working with a professional to make sure every component receives the proper attention.  With that said, here are a few basics of heat pump maintenance:

Wash the Outdoor Unit

Once the spring arrives, use a pressure washer to clear debris away from the outdoor unit. You also need to remove the months of dirt that accumulate on it. If you clean the unit yourself, be careful and avoid spraying the equipment too hard. 

Change the Air Filter

You should also check and change out your air filters. If you have reusable filters, you need to remove them and clean them. Meanwhile, replaceable filters live up to their name and can easily be replaced.  Even if you changed out your filters a month or two ago, check them again. You could have excess dirt or dust inside your home, which would clog up the filter. This blocks the flow of air through the system and makes your HVAC work harder to heat and cool your home. 

Decide if your Need an HVAC Installation 

The spring season is the ideal time to decide whether or not it’s time to install a new HVAC system. For one, you can prevent yourself from having a long season of constant repairs. Why spend so much money on repairs when a new system costs you the same? To determine whether or not you need a replacement, consult with your technician. You should be able to trust them to tell you more about what’s best for you. The age of your system and the frequency of repairs can help you decide what the right option is. 

Other Tasks

As far as other maintenance tasks go, there’s a long list. Your technician needs to lubricate bearings, check electrical wiring, and inspect all facets of the system. 

Who Should Do Your Maintenance?

You’re more than capable of changing out your air filters. But that doesn’t mean you should be the one to handle all of your maintenance. For optimal results, call in a professional for the job. They go through an annual maintenance routine and can check for any potential issues.  Regular maintenance takes time, tools, and experience. If you don’t have any formal training, you can’t be sure how to take care of your heat pump. You should only rely on an experienced professional for your maintenance needs. It all starts with choosing the best expert for the job. When you search for a maintenance company, look for someone with a positive reputation. Find a company that cares about the customer and will strive for your satisfaction.  Here at Reliability Home Services, we offer heat pump maintenance any time of year. If you call us for spring maintenance, you can be certain your AC in Dundalk is ready for the summer. Reach out to us now to learn more.