Some plumbing jobs are simple and require you to do some quick DIY work. Other plumbing issues require the expertise of a licensed plumber who has the training, equipment, and team to make sure the job is done right. One of those problems is sewer line repair. When the sewer line goes bad, a plumbing crew often has to dig into the ground, pull out the old pipes and form a sewer line installation. However, the job starts when you start noticing problems with your plumbing. Below, we look at seven signs you need to replace your sewer line.

1. There’s a Sudden Increase in Your Water Bill

Your water bill is rarely the same each month because it’s based on how much water you use and not a flat rate. However, your bill should be fairly consistent due to your family’s routine activity. So, if you notice a sudden spike in your bill, it can only mean that there’s a problem with your plumbing system. One of the most common causes of an increased water bill is constant water flow, which can mean a water line leak. If so, you’ll need the help of a professional plumber who can perform sewer Line repair In Dundalk, Maryland. A plumber can diagnose the problem and fix the leak.

2. Your Pipes Are Making Gurgling Noises

Your pipes will make gurgling noises from time to time. Gurgling is a sign that the pipes are clogged, and the water cannot drain properly, which causes it to release air pockets. Often, you can use a plunger to create suction and loosen the blockage.  However, the blockage is thick if the problem is deep in your sewer line. Therefore, you cannot correct it by using the plunger or even a household drainage cleaner. A professional plumber will use special equipment to remove the blockage and clear the sewer line.

3. Water Is Draining Slowly

Your pipes drain just fine. However, as time goes by, you notice the water draining more slowly. Eventually, they may not drain at all. Again, you may try to use a plunger or household cleaner to correct the problem. However, after so many tries, you notice that nothing works. Dundalk, Maryland, has hard water, which causes calcium and limescale buildup. This type of buildup is not the same as hard or food particles. Once these minerals collect down in the waterline, they are difficult to remove. The buildup can lead to a slow water drain.

4. There Is Constant Moisture in the Yard

If you walk out in your yard and notice soggy patches, there is a leak coming from something in your plumbing. First, check your sprinkler system or any other possible leak causes. For instance, someone may have left a hose on or a leak coming from the house. If you don’t find any surface leaks or water draining from above ground, there is likely a leak in the sewer or water line. If you smell sewage, the leak is coming from the sewer line. You need to contact a company that can perform plumbing repair in Dundalk, Maryland, as soon as possible.

5. You Smell Sewage

A sewage odor that does not go away can signify many problems. For instance, blockage in the ventilation pipe could prevent the line from releasing hydrogen sulfide gas. However, it could also mean a problem with your sewer line. If you smell sewage and can’t figure out the problem, the first thing you need to do is open all the windows in your house to air out the gas. Hydrogen sulfide is toxic and can lead to health problems. Second, call your plumber to perform a plumbing inspection and fix the problem.

6. Pests Are Invading Your Yard

You’d be surprised at the types of animals attracted to the smell of sewage. Why? Because sewage includes more than just human waste. It also contains food particles and other items that attract mice, rats, snakes, moths, flies, and numerous other creatures. If you notice a sudden increase in the animals that invade your property – both inside and out – it could be because they have access to sewage. A sewer leak may be creating water spots in your yard, attracting insects and rodents. After you contact pest control, you may also want to call your plumber to fix the root of the problem.

7. The Toilet Bowl Water Level Fluctuates

There are several reasons why your toilet bowl water level is up one day and down the next. One of the main causes is a blocked air vent, which affects the water pressure in the plumbing. The waste pipe may also be positioned incorrectly. The porcelain trap can have hair in it. Or you need to do something as simple as adjusting the fill valve. Ideally, the water level in the toilet should be one to two inches below the toilet’s fill valve. So, if it keeps fluctuating above or below the line, it could indicate a problem with the sewer line that is affecting the water pressure in the plumbing.

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