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Abingdon, MD

Abingdon is an unincorporated community in Harford County, Maryland, United States. It lies 25 miles northeast of Baltimore on Maryland Route 7, near the Bush River, between Exits 77 and 80 of Interstate 95. Abingdon was named after Abingdon, England. The town was founded by and is the birthplace of William Paca, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and the third Governor of Maryland. Abingdon was the site of Cokesbury College, the first Methodist college in the United States. Woodside was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. The Nelson-Reardon-Kennard House was listed in 1991.

Quick Facts:

  • City Established : 1779
    Population Size : 31,714
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What did people use before Toilet Paper? A mussel shell, called a scraper! The Romans used a stick with a sponge on one end hence the phrase " the wrong end of the stick" In the south, corncobs were sometimes used!

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We’ll always work with you to develop a plan that keeps you comfortable and meets your energy efficiency, air quality, and financial needs. 

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Why Are Air Handlers Important?

Air handlers circulate air throughout your home or business, meaning that it is an integral part of keeping your rooms cool and comfortable when you need it the most. These units also serve to help filter the indoor air, preventing dust and other debris from entering and circulating from room to room.

This unit, which essentially looks like a large metal box, can contain a heating coil and a cooling coil, as well as unique fan which is used to blow air through the air handler system. The unit is connected to your ventilation system, which is how the filtered air from the air handler gets around your home or business.
Maintaining the quality of your indoor air is an important part of being comfortable, and having an air handler which is properly maintained and regularly serviced is an important part of this process. That’s why we offer expert air handler services; so that you can depend on professionals to take care of your air quality needs.
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We’re always happy to share your feedback, because we know that accountability goes a long way towards establishing ourselves as the go-to AC experts in Abingdon, MD and the surrounding communities.

We Offer Ongoing Cooling Services

In addition to the variety of professional cooling services available to our friends and colleagues in Abingdon, MD we also offer Precision Tune-ups and servicing appointments, so that you can rest easy knowing that your cooling system is always in perfect working order.


By providing ongoing service not only can we give you peace of mind knowing that a professional is always looking after your cooling system, but we can keep better track of the status of your system, which means that we can work with you to do preventative repairs and servicing before emergencies happen.

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Count on the experts at Reliability Home Services to always be available when you need professional heating and cooling service! Call us at (443)-399-8663 for dependable service in Abingdon!