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Bel Air, MD

The town of Bel Air is the county seat of Harford County, Maryland, United States. Bel Air’s identity has gone through several incarnations since 1780. Aquilla Scott, who had inherited land known as “Scott’s Improvement Enlarged,” planned the town on a portion that he called “Scott’s Old Fields.” Four years later, the town had expanded as local politicians, merchants, and innkeepers purchased lots from Scott, and the county commissioners decided to change its name to the more appealing “Belle Aire.” In his deeds, Scott dropped one letter, renaming the town, “Bell Aire.” Around 1798, court records dropped two more letters, and “Bel Air” was born.

Quick Facts:

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    City Established : 1780
    Population Size : 10,044
    Fun Facts:

Women are more likely to lose something down the drain or toilet:

  • Women most often lose jewelry or accessories.
  • Men most often lose wallets, money or identification.

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Bel Air Plumber & Drain Cleaning

During a plumbing emergency, minutes count. Often, the longer you go without help, the worse the damage becomes. Call Reliability Home Services the next time you need an emergency plumber day or night!
Most people don’t think about their plumbing until disaster strikes. And when it does, you must have a dependable residential plumber you can count on to get you out of a jam. If you’re in the Bel Air, MD area, go with the name that so many people have come to trust in an emergency — Reliability Home Services.
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The Most Common Plumbing Situations


A flood in the house causes water damage and mold and mildew buildup, which is why a burst pipe must be dealt with quickly.


Raw sewage in the house not only smells bad, it brings dangerous germs and bacteria.


Many people don’t think twice about clogged drains, but it could be a bigger problem than too much hair or food in the drain.


There’s no worse feeling that is flushing the toilet only to have it slowly fill up, overflow, and not being able to stop it.


Low water pressure or rusty water may indicate a severe leak in your plumbing that needs fixing immediately.

Ignore These Failing Water Heater Signs at Your Own Risk

No one likes the thought of replacing a water heater. But like all appliances, they eventually fail too. Here are signs that your water heater may be ready to die.
If you notice any of the above symptoms, call a residential plumber right away to repair or replace your water heater before it fails.
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Common Causes of Clogged Drains

Slow and clogged drains are common. And while many are easily remedied with a plunger or drain cleaner, some are more stubborn and require professional help. According to experts, these are the most common causes of drain clogs.
The experts at Reliability Home Services have seen every kind of clogged drain you can imagine, and have solved them all. Call us when you have a stubborn clog.

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