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Did you know that regular maintenance and servicing of your air conditioning unit and cooling system can help them last for up to 15 years? It’s true, and at Reliability Home Services we’re dedicated to helping that happen. We offer a large selection of cooling services to help keep you comfortable, and always work to offer the lowest prices around!

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What Are the Benefits to Maintaining Your AC Unit?

Regular Precision Tune-ups for your air conditioning unit have a variety of benefits, including a longer lifespan for your unit and your cooling system, improved indoor air quality as bacteria and debris are filtered out, peace of mind knowing that your system is always working when you need it, and the ability to identify and catch problems before they happen, saving you money long-term.

Additionally, when you maintain your cooling system it will continue to work as efficiently as possible, which saves you money on your energy costs. A unit which is in need of repair or replacing will have to work harder to provide the same level of cool air as a properly-functioning unit, which means that you can begin to see the costs rising on your energy bill over time.

We want to be your only cooling specialists! With years of experience, training, and professional qualifications, we’re always ready to help you with all of your cooling service, repair, and installation needs.

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Is a Ductless Mini Split AC System Right for You?

A ductless mini split AC system has a variety of advantages, but primarily our customers use them to adequately cool an area of their home or business which, for one reason or another, doesn’t receive the same quality of cool air as other rooms.

There units are small and compact, meaning that they can easily cool one room without affecting the temperature in another, and that you can easily install and remove them as needed. These units are flexible to install, meaning that you don’t have to worry about affecting the look and feel of a room in order to keep it cool and comfortable.

A ductless mini split AC system is, as the name implies, a ductless system, which makes them a great, energy-efficient solution as well, because the cool air doesn’t have to filter through a series of ducts like it normally would.

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