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Dallastown is a borough in York County, Pennsylvania, United States. The population was 4,049 at the 2010 census. Dallastown was named after George M. Dallas of Philadelphia (Vice President of the United States during the Polk administration) during the presidential campaign of 1844.

Dallastown, PA Quick Facts

  • City Established: 1866
    Population Size: 3,832
    Fun Facts:

Tips to conserve water: Use a hose nozzle and turn off the water while you wash your car and save more than 100 gallons at a time.

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AC Repair, Installation & Replacement in Dallastown, PA

Reliability Home Services is ready to handle all of your cooling needs. If you’re ready for AC service in Dallastown, give us a call now.
Even if you love the summer, you probably need some relief from the heat. When the temperature becomes too much, you can cool off in your Dallastown home and make good use of your air conditioner. But what happens when your system no longer works? If you don’t want to suffer and sweat, you need to contact a reputable cooling service.
Reliability Home Services has a reputation for acting quickly and providing repairs that last. Why wait for an appointment when you can have us handle your cooling needs as soon as a problem arises? Our experienced team has the tools, training, and resources needed to tackle your repair.
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What Can AC Maintenance Do for You?

All of the systems in your home need some amount of maintenance, and your AC is no exception. Throughout the year, your AC system pushes the limits to keep your home cool. If you don’t give it regular maintenance, the wear and tear will be too much for your AC to handle. In the midst of the heat, you might find yourself with no air conditioning and no way to stay cool.
A professional tune-up from Reliability Home Service may be what you need to keep your system in great shape. Every year, you can count on us to clean your fans and coils. We’ll also oil essential parts and look for potential problems. Our technicians can also keep your utility costs low. With regular maintenance comes greater efficiency and lower energy bills. If you’re diligent about maintenance, you’ll save money.

What’s the Average Lifespan of an AC?

Your air conditioner could last eight years, 12 years, or even 15 years. Unless you can predict the future, you won’t know the exact lifespan of your system. But you can do things to extend the life of your AC. For one, you could have the system installed by a reputable cooling company. The better the installation, the longer your AC will last.
Maintenance is another way to keep your air conditioner working well. At least one time a year, you should have an experienced technician come to your home and give your AC a full check-up. They will make sure everything is in working order and can perform a few tasks to keep the system in prime condition. If your system is close to the end of its life, our technician will let you know and advise you on a replacement.
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Thinking of Getting a Ductless Mini AC Split?

If you have one room of your home that you need to cool, there’s one option you should consider. A ductless mini AC split system is ideal for one-room cooling. Unlike most other cooling options, this one doesn’t require ductwork. The installation process is relatively easy and quick. Furthermore, it’s cheaper than a system that uses ducts.
There’s also the issue of energy-efficiency. When it comes to cooling a small room, a ductless split is much more efficient than your other options. If you have questions about installing your system, call us today.
When Dallastown residents need AC repair, installation, or maintenance, they count on us at Reliability Home Services. Contact us now at (443) 399-8663 and get an estimate.