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Dallastown is a borough in York County, Pennsylvania, United States. The population was 4,049 at the 2010 census. Dallastown was named after George M. Dallas of Philadelphia (Vice President of the United States during the Polk administration) during the presidential campaign of 1844.

Dallastown, PA Quick Facts

  • City Established : 1866
    Population Size : 3,832
    Fun Facts:

Tips to conserve water: Use a hose nozzle and turn off the water while you wash your car and save more than 100 gallons at a time.

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Dallastown, PA Heating Repair, Installation & Replacement

High-quality and affordable heater installation and repair in Dallastown.
How cold is too cold? You shouldn’t have to find out. When the weather gets uncomfortably cold, your heater is the only thing between you and freezing. You rely on your heater just like you rely on a Dallastown heating and cooling company to keep your system running.
The next time your heater breaks, don’t scramble to call the first heating company you find. Instead, call us at Reliability Home Services. Our professionals are experienced in heating installation, repair, and maintenance. Let our crew help you keep your home comfortable.
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Heating Repair Vs Replacement

If your heater isn’t working, you have two options. You could either pay someone to fix it or pay someone to replace it. But which option is best for you? The best way to answer that question is to speak with an experienced professional. In any of the following instances, you might want to replace your heater:
The longer you wait to replace your heater, the more unnecessary expenses you will have. When you’re ready to replace your old heater, call a reputable heating company.

What Savings Come with Heater Replacement?

A new heater isn’t a small expense. However, it often comes with big savings. You may end up saving enough money that the new heater pays for itself.
For instance, a new heater is highly energy-efficient. It uses less energy to heat your home, which saves you money on your utility bill. Meanwhile, an older heater just zaps your energy. It works harder to keep your home at the ideal temperature. For extra savings, you can ask your HVAC technician about the most energy-efficient models.
You also get savings on future repairs. While an old heater is in constant need of repair, a new model is less likely to fail and often comes with a warranty. You won’t have as many repair expenses, and your bank account will thank you.
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Before you’re left with no heat in Dallastown, call us at Reliability Home Services. We’ll handle your heating repair and replacement. Contact us by calling (443) 399-8663 and schedule an appointment.

Our Professional Plumbing Services

Most homeowners will need an emergency plumber a few times in their lives. And while not every plumbing problem requires immediate attention, here are the ones that do:

Need a reliable plumbing service company? Reliability Home Services is here to assist at all hours of the day and night. Give us a call and enjoy peace of mind knowing that fast, expert help is on the way.

Here in Abingdon, when you need a reliable plumber, there’s only one name that should be at the top of your list— Reliability Home Services. Call us today at 443-399-8663.