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How do Geothermal Pumps Work?

A traditional heat pump heats the air in your home in the winter and cools in during the warmer summer months. A geothermal pump pulls energy from beneath the earth’s crust, reducing your home or businesses’ dependence on fossil fuels used by traditional heating and cooling systems.

Geothermal heat, which is the layer of heat and energy that is found below the freeze line of the Earth’s surface, stays at a constant range of 50 to 60 degrees all year long, regardless of the temperature above ground.

This energy is unlimited, renewable, and reduces our dependency on fossil fuels, which makes it a perfect solution for eco-friendly families and businesses. Not just that, but because heat pumps transfer heat energy back and forth between your home and the Earth it can provide energy at a lower cost than your current bills.

Let Us Help You

We know that installing and maintaining your heating equipment is a big investment, which is why it’s important to keep it running efficiently and minimize costs whenever we can.

This is why, at Reliability Home Services, we use the highest quality tools and equipment available, including actively researching and upgrading to the most efficient, eco-friendly models whenever possible.

Below are some of the many services that we offer to help keep your heating system working perfectly, and to ensure you’re always comfortable:

  • Equipment Maintenance: Regular Precision Tune-ups and inspections are important to make sure that your system is operating at maximum efficiency and at as safely as possible. Routine maintenance can also alert you to possible issues before they happen, saving you money long-term.
  • Equipment Repair: We’re trained and equipped to handle a wide variety of equipment and maintenance repairs, meaning you can always count on our expert services to keep your heating system running smoothly.
  • 24/7 Emergency Services: Your furnace doesn’t pay attention to the day of the week or time of day, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency services.

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