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Elkridge, MD

Elkridge is an unincorporated community and census-designated place in Howard County, Maryland, United States. The population was 15,593 at the 2010 census. Founded early in the 18th century, Elkridge is located at the confluence of three counties, the other two being Anne Arundel and Baltimore counties.

Elkridge, MD Quick Facts

  • City Established : 1895
    Population Size : 20,519
    Fun Facts:

At 140 degrees, it takes five seconds for water to burn skin. At 160 degrees, it takes only half of a second. Home hot water systems should be set to no hotter than 125 degrees.

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Elkridge Cooling Services

Dependable air conditioner installation and repair services in Elkridge.
When temperatures rise in Elkridge, MD and threaten to reach triple-digit territory, a functioning air conditioning system is essential. If you’re stuck with a broken AC unit and are in need of a replacement or simply want an upgrade, access to a quality AC installation company is crucial.
Luckily, the team at Reliability Home Services is here to provide superior AC services when you need it most. As the leading AC installation contractors in South Florida, we make sure you receive the best service and installation possible.
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Benefits of Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

Having your air conditioning unit serviced regularly isn’t just recommended, it also provides benefits. In addition to preventing your AC unit from breaking down on the hottest day of the year, performing regular maintenance on your air conditioner can have the following advantages:
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Why Hire a Professional When Replacing Your AC

Replacing your air conditioner is a job best left to the professionals. These systems are fragile and sophisticated. One small mistake could result in permanent damage to the unit. Homeowners shouldn’t risk anything happening to a brand new piece of equipment. Help is only a phone call away – let the expert team at Reliability Home Services help you install your new AC and feel confident your family will stay safe and comfortable.
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We offer high-quality and affordable air conditioner installation, repair and maintenance services to homeowners in the Elkridge, MD area. Call us at (443) 399-8663 to schedule an appointment.