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If you’ve noticed that your AC unit isn’t cooling your residential home or commercial business the way that it used to, or you’ve begun noticing that your energy bills have started creeping up from month to month, you may be experiencing an issue with your cooling system. At Reliability Home Services, we’re dedicated to providing affordable and high-quality solutions to solve your air conditioning and air quality needs.

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Why Should You Get AC Maintenance?

Ensuring that your air conditioning unit is properly maintained can have a variety of benefits, including:

  • Extending the lifespan of your unit
  • Reducing energy costs, as your unit will continue to work efficiently
  • Reducing repair costs, as more frequent servicing will keep issues from escalating to larger, more complex and expensive ones.
  • Improved air quality, as a poorly-maintained unit will allow dust, debris and bacteria to enter your home or business.

Give yourself peace of mind by booking regular Precision Tune-ups from Reliability Home Services, and keep the temperature and quality of your indoor air as close to perfect as possible.

Should You Use a Ductless Mini Split AC?

A ductless mini split AC system is a unit which allows you to regulate the air in certain parts of your home or business in Essex, MD. These are the perfect solutions for areas of which may receive less air flow that other rooms, or areas such as new additions, garages, and three-season sunrooms which need a little extra help maintaining a comfortable temperature.

It’s also a great option for families who have members who prefer rooms to be different temperatures, either due to comfort or medical requirements; so, for example, if your home office gets too hot you can use the ductless mini split AC unit to keep cool without affecting the temperature of other areas of your home.

Because of their size, these units are easy to install than upgrading your entire cooling system, making them a great cost-friendly option for homeowners and business owners who are concerned about keeping costs down while keeping rooms cool.

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