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Have you ever stopped to think about how much your AC system does for you? It’s the one thing between you and the oppressive heat. No matter how warm it gets outside, your air conditioner can make the weather bearable. However, your AC won’t last forever. It needs maintenance and repairs, and eventually, it might need to be replaced. When you reach out to a reputable air conditioning company in Hunt Valley, you can keep your air conditioner going strong.

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Why AC Maintenance is Essential

Do you give your air conditioner the attention it needs? Unfortunately, most property owners neglect their cooling systems. They assume it will always work as it should, regardless of the maintenance. However, this isn’t the case and your AC does need regular maintenance.

Annual maintenance is one of the best ways to prevent the need for AC repairs. If your technician catches an issue before it’s too late, they can save you from an expensive repair. Properly maintained systems are less likely to break down and have a longer lifespan than systems that have no or infrequent maintenance.

Finally, maintenance improves energy efficiency. If your system is clean and works as it should, you’ll have lower energy bills. The savings is worth the effort of annual maintenance.

The Lifespan of an HVAC System

If you ask five HVAC technicians what the life of an average AC system is, you’ll get five different answers. That said, most experts agree that the average cooling system lasts between ten and 15 years. Every system is unique, and the lifespan depends on the type of air conditioner, the brand, and the size. Other factors that affect the total life include the quality of the installation and the maintenance.

If you’re diligent about maintenance, your system will work the way it should. It could last for years longer than you expect and require fewer repairs in that time. Here at Reliability Home Services, our technicians do maintenance calls that make a difference. They give a detailed inspection and aim to keep your air conditioner running smoothly.

Is a Ductless Mini AC Split an Option?

Whether you add an addition to your home or you have a room that’s not quite cool enough, you may want a ductless mini AC split. The system is a way of cooling a room without using ductwork. By choosing this simple cooling method, you save money on installation and can have your system up and running sooner.

This type of air conditioner is small, yet powerful enough to keep your room cool. Thanks to a thermostat control, it’s easier to use than some simpler air conditioners. Additionally, it’s extremely energy-efficient.

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