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Hunt Valley, MD

Hunt Valley is an unincorporated community in Baltimore County, Maryland, United States, near the site of the Maryland Hunt Cup Steeplechase. It lies just north of the city of Baltimore, along York Road (Maryland Route 45), parallel to Interstate 83. The nearby Loch Raven Reservoir is an important landmark and drinking water resource. Its surrounding forested watershed is one of three reservoirs (along with Prettyboy and Liberty Reservoirs) established for the City of Baltimore. It is served by the Cockeysville post office, and is also a neighbor of Timonium. A satellite campus of the Community College of Baltimore County is located in Hunt Valley Town Centre.

Quick Facts:

  • City Established : 1659
    Population Size : 20,776
    Fun Facts:

Who Invented the toilet? Thomas Crapper. The debate over who Thomas Crapper was or even if he existed at all continues today. Although Thomas Crapper did have a successful career in plumbing from 1861 to 1904 and did hold several patents on plumbing related products, he did not invent the toilet. Albert Giblin holds the 1819 British patent for the "silent valveless water waste preventer", a system that allowed a toilet to flush effectively. Giblin worked for Crapper as an employee and the most likely scenario is that Crapper bought the patent rights from Giblin and marketed the device himself.

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Hunt Valley, MD Plumbing Services

What plumbing issues are you having? Although some problems can wait, others demand immediate repairs. When you can’t sit around waiting for a regular service call, you need Reliable Home Services.
All it takes is one small clog or leaky pipe to become a plumbing emergency. When your plumbing fails, you probably won’t be prepared to spring into action. You can save yourself the hassle and headache of scrambling to find a plumber by having a reputable plumbing company ready to help you. Reliability Home Services has been helping Hunt Valley residents for years, and we want to help you.

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The Most Common Water Heater Issues

Without your hot water heater, you have no way of taking comfortable showers or doing your laundry. But even before your water heater completely fails, it might have a few issues. All of the following are common water heater problems and are also signs that your heater might completely fail soon.
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Drain Cleaning Services You Can Trust

What does it take to keep your drains clean? There are several things that you can do to prevent your drains from clogging, but none of them guarantee that you’ll have clear pipes.
Once you develop a clog, you should rely on a professional to remove any blockages. They have tools like cameras and drain snakes to inspect and clear your pipes and drains. If you call the professionals early enough, they can prevent a serious clog.
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Types of Plumbing Issues

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