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Parkville is an unincorporated community and census-designated place in Baltimore County, Maryland, United States. According to the United States Census Bureau, the CDP has a total area of 4.2 square miles, all land. The northern border of the CDP is Interstate 695 (the Baltimore Beltway) from Loch Raven Boulevard to Putty Hill Avenue. The eastern border is roughly where Putty Hill Avenue becomes Rossville Boulevard, the southern border is the Baltimore City/Baltimore County line from near Glen Road to Loch Raven Boulevard, and the western boundary is Loch Raven Boulevard from the city line to I-695.

Quick Facts:

  • City Established : Unincorporated community
    Population Size : 31,633
    Fun Facts:

In the tomb of a king of the Western Han Dynasty in China (206 BC to 24 AD), archaeologists discovered a 2,000-year-old “toilet” – complete with running water, a stone seat and even a comfortable armrest! The finding: marked the earliest-known water closet, which is quite like what we are using today, in the entire world.

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Parkville, MD

When you need professional plumbing help, don’t delay! Contact us for reliable plumbing services in Parkville, MD.

When plumbing issues strike, the damage can quickly take a toll on your house. Between water damage and the potential for mold and mildew to form, the extent can be costly and can put your family’s health at risk. To limit the damage, it’s important to call a professional plumbing company ASAP. Whether you need routine maintenance or emergency repairs, Reliability Home Services can help. We provide reliable plumbing services to the Parkville, MD, area.

We offer the following plumbing services – and more – to the Parkville, MD area:

We aim to provide quality repairs and customer service with every appointment. But don’t take our word for it! Read our testimonials to see what our clients have to say!

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Sump Pump Problems Can Lead to a Plumbing Emergency

Sump pumps can help prevent plumbing emergencies in your home – as long as they are functioning correctly. A malfunctioning unit may not be able to keep water out of your house to help you avoid flooding.

To prevent issues, be aware of these potential problems with your unit:


If your power goes out during severe weather, it can cause your unit to stop working. To prevent this, install a battery backup system to keep the unit working throughout the storm.


Make sure your float valve isn’t obstructed to avoid more serious issues.


If your unit isn’t the right size to properly service your home or property, you should replace it with a system of the correct size as soon as possible.


Avoid more serious issues by making sure the pipes are not frozen and that they are clear of blocks.


Make sure the motor is in good working condition. If it wears out, you might need to replace the entire unit.

If you find yourself experiencing flooding in your Parkville, MD home due to a faulty sump pump, call your trusted plumbing service- Reliability Home Services. We are here for you to assist with any plumbing repairs you need.

What to Expect During Routine Water Heater Maintenance

To prevent your household from coping with cold water when the water heater malfunctions, it’s essential to keep it properly maintained by scheduling regular tune-ups.

When a plumber performs routine services on the unit, you can expect him or her to do the following:

While proper maintenance can delay the need for a water heater replacement, you may still find your self in need of hot water tank repair. When you do, Reliability Home Services will be here for you!
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5 Signs You Need a Professional Drain Cleaning Service

When your drains are clogged, it can be beneficial to resist the urge to try to fix the problem yourself with over-the-counter drain cleaners.
Instead, if you notice the following issues with your system, you should seek out a professional clogged drain repair company, like Reliability Home Services:

This can be a symptom of clogged drains. It can also signal pipes that are narrowed due to mineral or grease buildup.


Recurring clogs can indicate you are not removing the entire blockage when you are trying to clear the clog yourself.


If several drains in your home are clogged at the same time, it can indicate a serious situation, such as a blockage deep within your main line.


Smelly drains can indicate you have food trapped in your system, or it can also signal an issue with your sewer line.


Flooding in your basement or near a floor drain can be due to a sewage backup. This can be a serious issue, as it can lead to a complete blockage, and it could result in contaminated water flooding your floors.

Don’t risk making your clogged drain problems worse! Call Parkville’s trusted drain cleaning company today!
From routine maintenance and tune-ups to 24-hour emergency services, Reliability Home Services can handle all of your plumbing needs. Call us at (443) 399-8663 for appointments in the Parkville, MD area.