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Rosedale is an unincorporated community and census-designated place in Baltimore County, Maryland, United States. The population was 19,257 at the 2010 United States Census.

Quick Facts:

  • City Established : Unincorporated community
    Population Size : 19,336
    Fun Facts:

Did you know that if all of us installed water efficient appliances the country would save more than 3 trillion gallons of water per year?

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The funny thing about plumbing problems is that they always seem to pop up when it’s most inconvenient for you. And while not all plumbing issues require immediate help, sometimes you can’t wait for an appointment because time wasted means damage to your property. Our expert technicians are standing by, ready to help you out of a jam. Put us in your contact list and remember Reliability Home Services when you need an expert plumber.

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What Are Some Common Plumbing Troubles?

Sometimes, your plumbing problem is so severe; you need help right now. In instances such as a burst pipe, the longer you wait, the more damage is done, and the worse the problem gets. Here are some of the most common plumbing emergencies we handle every day.

If you don’t see your problem listed above, but you still need urgent help, call us for expert plumbing services!

Why Professional Drain Cleaning Is Best

Clogged and slow drains are common household problems. And when people have them, they most often reach for a chemical drain cleaner. The problem with these products is that they’re harsh on old pipes and can lead to bursts. Also, while these products may clear the clog temporarily, often the problem returns. That’s why it’s good to hire a plumber for professional drain cleaning. Our drain cleaning service gets deep down for thorough cleaning and doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals that are dangerous to your family and your plumbing. Call us to find out more!

Has Your Water Heater Had It? These Signs Say Yes!

Your water heater works tirelessly to provide your family with hot water day and night, week in and out. And eventually, like all appliances, it will fail. Here are the most common signs your water heater is on the outs and that you should call a plumber for water heater repair or replacement.

No matter the plumbing trouble, call Reliability Home Services in Rosedale, MD, day or night for expert help at (443) 399-8663.