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Severn, MD

Severn is a census-designated place in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, United States. The population was 44,231 at the 2010 census, a 26% increase from its population of 35,076 in 2000. The zip code is 21144.

Quick Facts:

  • City Established : 1650
    Population Size : 50,052
    Fun Facts:

Did you know a person needs 4-5 gallons of water per day to survive?

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Severn Heating Repair Services

Seeking a reliable heating specialist in Severn? Our contractors are trained, experienced, and licensed to treat all of your heating needs. Reach us by calling (443) 399-8663.
Your heating unit is an extremely vital component to your home. This is especially true during the brutal cold months residents in Maryland can experience. If you haven’t been performing routine maintenance on your unit or haven’t had an inspected done this year, it is best to do so as soon as possible to ensure your system is working up to par for when you need it the most.
At Reliability Home Services, we are the professionals who take care of your heating needs in Severn. Aside from quality workmanship with top of the line equipment and products, we also provide expert advice and maintenance tips so that your heating solutions are long term. Count on us to become your Severn heating specialists today!
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How long do units last?

A heating unit usually lasts between 15 to 20 years. There have been some instances where a unit will last more than 25 years. However, this is not a common occurrence.
One of the secrets to having a heating unit that will stand the test of time is to schedule annual maintenance visits. Annual visits can help catch little issues before they become big issues.

What are the benefits of timely maintenance?

Maintenance that is done in a timely manner will help ensure that a heating unit operates correctly. When a certain part of a unit is not operating correctly, it can force another part to compensate. This can put unnecessary stress on a unit.
Timely maintenance, as referred to earlier, can prevent small issues from becoming big issues. In addition to this, maintenance can help keep a unit clean. During a Precision Tune-up, various parts are cleaned and oiled to ensure that everything is working properly. Finally, maintenance that is done in a timely manner can help keep energy bills low. When a unit is not working properly, energy bills can increase dramatically as the heater is requiring more energy.
It can be easy for people to assume that maintenance is expensive and takes time. What people do not know is that many maintenance visits we do are brief and cost less than what many expect. We understand that these economic times are tough for many families and businesses. As a result of this, we have kept our prices at affordable rates that can fit into many budgets.
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When should you repair or replace your unit?

A good place to start is to look at the electric bills of a home or business. If the prices are very high, it could indicate that a unit needs to be serviced. If the energy bill goes down on a consistent basis, then a unit does not have to be replaced. However, if the bill increases after a couple of low electric bills, it can indicate that it is time to replace a heater.
When a repair estimate is extremely high, it may make sense to purchase a new unit as compared to fixing an older unit. A heating unit that requires numerous visits a year can indicate that it is time to purchase a new heater.
Have you had your heater inspected lately? Contact Reliability Home Services at (443) 399-8663 today for immediate service in Severn!