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White Marsh, MD

White Marsh is an unincorporated community and census-designated place in Baltimore County, Maryland, United States. The population was 9,513 at the 2010 census.

White Marsh, MD Quick Facts

  • City Established : 1965
    Population Size : 9,455
    Fun Facts:

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A heater is a unit in your home that is forgotten about until you need it. However, the last thing a homeowner wants to face is a malfunctioning heater during that time. That is why it is so crucial for every homeowner to adopt an effective maintenance routine. This ensures your unit will function up to par whenever you need it.
If you are in need of heating services and are located in White Marsh, give one of our friendly professionals at Reliability Home Services a call today. We can help you with all of your service and repair needs. Rely on us to become your White Marsh heating specialist and experience better heating for your home.
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How long do heating units last?

A typical heating unit can last up to 15-20 years if properly maintained and taken care of throughout its lifespan. A heating unit lasting up to this long solely depends on if it is routinely maintained and quickly repaired if anything is wrong with the unit, therefore, a 15-20 year life span is an absolute best care scenario. Routine maintenance helps keep the unit functioning properly without overworking and allows it to live a long life.

What advantages does timely maintenance have on your unit?

Timely maintenance on your heating unit comes with added benefits. One of the top benefits of routine, timely Precision Tune-ups is allowing the unit to live a long life span. When the unit is kept up and taken care of, it only has to work as hard as it should. When it is not maintained, it can get overworked trying to provide the same amount of heat as if it were maintained.
Another added benefit of timely maintenance on your heating unit is that you can discover potential issues before they become big issues. Maintenance can allow you to correct problems that could quickly add up causing you to have to replace multiple parts of the unit instead of just one right when the issue begins.
Lower energy costs are also a benefit of timely maintenance on your heating unit. When your heating unit is kept up and working to its fullest extent, your energy costs stay low. It is when the unit has to work harder than it should that it uses more energy and drives the home’s energy costs up drastically.
Performing routine maintenance on your unit will also help prevent the heating unit from breaking down on a day that really needs to be working. No one wants to be stuck in a home without heat on one of the coldest days of the season, and timely maintenance can help prevent that from happening and keep you warm.
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When should you repair or replace your unit?

It could be difficult at times to determine if replacing your unit is necessary and beneficial. However, there are some helpful signs that at least let you know that a professional should tend to your unit.

If you’ve been experiencing these signs, call our team right away.

If you need assistance determining if you heater needs repairs or replacement, or would like maintenance performed on your unit, call us today at (443) 399-8663. We provide free estimates and same day services.